flosculosus (J.Ellis) Maggs & Hommersand

Halurus flosculosus
(J.Ellis) Maggs & Hommersand

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Species Details

Class: Florideophyceae
Genus: Halurus Kützing
Species: Halurus flosculosus
Authority: (J.Ellis) Maggs & Hommersand

Rather rigid, tufted, uniseriate, ecoritcate, bright red filaments, to 200 mm long. Repeatedly ± dichotomously branched, with frequent short branchlets, axils very acute. Articulations cylindrical, 5-6 times as long as broad in lower parts, shorter distally.

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Name History Adjective A (Latin), wooly, somewhat wooly, or fluffy.
References Braune, W. (2008). Meeresalgen. Ein Farbbildführer zu den verbreiteten benthischen Grün- Braun- und Rotalgen der Weltmeere. pp. [1]-596, pls 1-266 (colour photographs). Ruggell: A.R.G. Gantner Verlag.

Loiseaux-de Goër, S. & Noailles, M.-C. (2008). Algues de Roscoff. pp. [1]-215, col. figs. Roscoff: Editions de la Station Biologique de Roscoff.

Schories, D., Selig, U. & Schubert, H. (2009). Species and synonym list of the German marine macroalgae based on historical and recent records. Rostocker Meeresbiologische Beiträge 21: 7-135.

Habitat: Marine species, on rocks in shady intertidal pools.
Common names: English: Mrs Griffiths's Little Flower
Type information:

Conferva flosculosa J.Ellis

Type information
Type locality: Yarmouth, Norfolk, England (Maggs & Hommersand 1993: 175). Lectotype: Ellis’s (1768, pl. 18, fig. E) illustration (Maggs & Hommersand 1993: 175).

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4286 Halurus flosculosus (J.Ellis) Maggs & Hommersand 1990-07-08 Gatteville, France


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